Autumn fruitfulness

I may have said it before, but I love this time of year. There is so much fresh produce around and I get to enjoy cooking, as I have been doing minimal excercise since Ironman Wales. My oldest son has discovered a passion for mushroom hunting (partly inspired by mine craft!) but it has meant that on Saturday and Sunday this weekend we went foraging in the woods for shrooms. We hit the jackpot with a beefsteak fungus, some chantrelles, deceivers, russulas, and slippery jacks.

After reading about my tempting looking beefsteak fungus, I decided to have it raw in a salad, the books don’t rate it much and say it has an acid taste. I could not taste any acidity, (maybe thats because I smothered it in garlic dressing) I used a vegetable peeler to shave off thin strips, and found it delicious! It does look alarmingly like liver though if you are a vegetarian!

Garlicky mushroom salad. looks a bit like a carpaccio I think.

Garlicky mushroom salad. looks like carpaccio I think.

I have also been processing apples from the garden, and have a few pots of frozen puree in the freezer now.

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I also got into the baking groove, as I had picked up some cute little eggs from my neighbour, got slightly carried away with my egg theme, (as I have in the past! see here) and made an apple tart, with creme patissierie, and creme d’amande, then used my remaining creme patissierie to make some Portuguese custard tarts. I also decided to do a lemon meringue! Good job I have a couple of boys to help me out eating the spoils!

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