Ironman snacks

Strawberry and chia gels

These popped up on my facebook feed, and I had all the ingredients so had to give it a go! They turned out pretty well for a first time. I had to adjust a bit as I was using frozen strawberries and did not have as much agar agar as they suggested, but here are my creations.The original recipe is here



I have been playing about a bit with making mochi, and I had some red bean filling in my freezer that I needed to use up. I thought that I would use the strawberry gel as a filling for my mochi, as I usually have too much mochi dough for the amount of red bean paste. They also seemed to work out pretty well. I’m not sure I will take any strawberry gels on Ironman, (they are a bit squidgy), but I may well sneak in a couple of mochi, as they are easier to transport . I love the texture of them too, yummy…

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