Cycling fuel

This weekend is The long course weekend. This is a weekend of training for me and comprises a 2.4 mile swim on Friday evening, followed by a cycle of either 42,70, or 112 mile bike ride on Saturday, and a marathon or half marathon on Sunday.


I am doing the swim, the 70 mile ride and half marathon as part of my training for Ironman Wales.

I have been experimenting for a while with food to take out on the bike, and feeling inspired by my new book “The Vibrant Table” I decided to make some muffins from the book. I made kale, and pumpkin seed muffins, then as I had some lovely free range eggs I baked some eggs in smoked ham, (inspired my feed zone portables book) and I also made prune caramel and hemp bars from the vibrant table. This should be enough to keep me going on Saturday on my bike ride!

Portable food

Portable food


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